Who We Are

PixelPin is a cyber security company, where phishing, brute force attacks and passwords are gone. We provide an intuitive authentication system, that is built for today.

PixelPin started in July 2012 when selected to enter the Wayra Accelerator run by Telefonica. PixelPin’s Co-founders are Brian Taylor, CEO and inventor and Geoff Anderson. They both have over 30 years experience of managing complex systems in the defence and security markets. Luke Briner the CTO comes from the wealth management sector with a strong ‘white hacker’ pedigree.

The team has 9 full time employees based in London with the technical development performed in Gloucester. PixelPin also has a strong Board of experienced investors and successful business leaders.

 Our Team

Brian Headshot

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor is the inventor of PixelPin. In a light bulb moment, whilst working with MET Police surveillance teams, He spotted the need for an easier way to login to computer systems. He raised a Patent, got a business partner and investment from Telefonica to start PixelPin.

Ex Soldier and a fan of flying planes.

Luke Headshot

Luke Briner

Luke is a CISSP certified, CyberSecurity Expert having special expertise and experience in software security. He has developed secure Wealth Management Systems for independent financial advisors and banks including developing web applications for a large multi-national security company. He is also an OWASP contributor and PasswordsCon participant, whilst being a finalist of the annual UK Cyber Security Challenge.

Accomplished multi talented musical instrument player and amateur dramatics thespian

Geoff Headshot

Geoff Anderson

Geoff has a background of delivering complex critical software systems, and with his information security experience has led the PixelPin product development, through a number of successful grant applications to market.

Fan of Music and plays keys in a band.