It all started…

In the back of an undercover police surveillance van one frosty
Thursday morning.

PixelPin is a cyber security company that was nominated as one of the most innovative mobile start-ups by UKTI and SMART UK in January 2013.
The founders, Brian Taylor and Geoff Anderson, had long established careers working with military intelligence and defence companies before developing the PixelPin patented approach to online authentication: using personal pictures to replace passwords.

Brian Taylor, the inventor and CEO, came up with the idea whilst working with the London Met Surveillance team on transferring military grade surveillance systems into Homeland Security. The project team were prompted to input three levels of passwords that changed each month. Each password was randomly generated and a minimum of 15 digits, so the team ended up writing them down. Brian came up with the idea of replacing the passwords with pictures, and PixelPin was born.

The A Team

Brian Taylor
Brian TaylorCEO & Founder
Brian Taylor has a background of defence communications and surveillance systems and developed the idea, built prototypes and raised finance.
‘Everything that I have achieved in my career to date has brought me to this place called PixelPin and I say this because having a dream on its own is not enough.
Being a Soldier in the Royal Signals taught me not to ask how, but just get on with the task one step at a time to achieve the goal, although my hardware and software engineering experience has provided great insight into what it really takes to produce quality over and above a simple goal.
The international pragmatic programme management skills I’ve acquired have seen delivery of projects from cradle to grave and I am proud to have worked with the RAF Reconnaissance Tornado Squadrons, delivering decisive intelligence assets used in the Gulf war.
Having freelanced for over a decade on a variety of high security technologies in various industry sectors has provided a wide foundation of knowledge and skills not found in a single long term role.
I believe in privacy and high security for everyone and there is nowhere I would rather be than right here right now, knowing that there are no bad learning experiences and only opportunities ahead.’

Geoff Anderson
Geoff AndersonCOO & Founder
Geoff Anderson, successful in business development and an information security specialist, recently led a bid for a NASDAQ listed cyber security company to its biggest ever multi-million dollar order.
Geoff, a chemistry graduate, and Fellow of the British Computer Society, started as a software engineer and has successfully led system level bids in the naval command and control domain. Working as a consultant for Vega represented the UK government in an international defence collaboration. Initiated an information security business line within Thales and led the Business Development activities in winning new contracts, resulting in the business winning one of the biggest ever UK cyber programmes.

Juhi Gore
Juhi GoreBusiness Development
Juhi has held senior management positions based out of Asia, Europe and North America for Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). She has worked on complex software and infrastructure deals ranging from 5M Euro to 1Bn Euro . Most recently, she spent 2 years working with the strategy and startups team at NSN for Customer Experience products after which she was requested to support the Executive Board with the global restructuring initiatives.

Luke Briner
Luke BrinerCTO
Luke Briner has special expertise and experience in software security.
He has developed secure Wealth Management Systems for independent financial advisors and banks. He also has experience designing and developing web applications for a large multi-national security company as well as experience in manufacturing and transport.

Sarah is a Design graduate from Chelsea College of Art & Design with specialist skills in visual communication, including art direction, graphic design and illustration.
Previous work includes a project for the Adidas London 2012 Olympic campaign and a channel Ident for BSkyB’s Sky Arts channel. Sarah’s previous experience and broad design capabilities will help in developing the PixelPin brand & communicating our story to a wider audience.


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