The PixelPin story

It all started in the back of an undercover police surveillance van one frosty Thursday morning…
PixelPin is a cyber security company that was nominated as one of the most innovative mobile start-ups by UKTI and SMART UK in January 2013.
The founders, Brian Taylor and Geoff Anderson, had long
established careers working with military intelligence and
defence companies before developing the PixelPin patented
approach to online authentication: using personal pictures to
replace passwords.
Brian Taylor, the inventor and CEO, came
up with the idea whilst working with the London Met Surveillance team on transferring military grade surveillance systems into Homeland Security. The project team were prompted to input three levels of passwords that changed each month. Each password was randomly generated and a minimum of 15 digits, so the team ended up writing them down. Brian came up with the idea of replacing the passwords with pictures, and PixelPin was born.

The team

Brian Taylor
Brian TaylorCEO & Inventor

Brian Taylor has a background of defence communications and surveillance systems and developed the idea, built prototypes and raised finance.

Geoff Anderson
Geoff AndersonCOO & Founder

Geoff Anderson, successful in business development and an information security specialist, recently led a bid for a NASDAQ listed cyber security company to its biggest ever multi-million dollar order.

Juhi Gore
Juhi GoreProject Manager

Juhi has been working in mobile for the past 10 years in Asia, North America and Europe.

Luke Briner
Luke BrinerCTO

Luke has special expertise and experience in software security.

Sarah Bradley
Sarah BradleyUser Experience & Creative Lead

Sarah is a design graduate with skills in graphic & user experience design.


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