Is PixelPin secure?
Yes – the number of potential Passpoints on a picture is far greater than the number of characters and numbers on a keyboard. Therefore a picture is much more secure than a 4 digit PIN on a phone or a standard password.
Can I use my own picture?
Yes – you are encouraged to use your own picture as it makes remembering the Passpoints a lot easier. There is a growing body of academic research suggesting people remember images better than words which links to the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE).
My fingers are quite large, will it still work on a touch screen?
Yes – PixelPin will work for anyone.
What happens if I make a mistake?
You just start again. You have 3 opportunities to get it right. If you still  make a mistake you will need to reset the Passpoints using the ‘Forgotten Passpoints’ procedure.
What is the best sort of picture to use?
Choose a picture that you have a personal connection with. It’s important to pick an image with lots of areas of interest to ‘click’ on – but make sure you don’t pick obvious Passpoints, like 4 faces in a row. Don’t forget, the order is important too.  
Can I use the same picture on my phone and laptop?
Yes – PixelPin is a cross platform solution so you will be able to log in to a particular website  using the same picture from wherever you want. PixelPin works on PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone.
Can I change my picture?
Yes – you can change your picture and Passpoints as often as you like by logging into your PixelPin account. It is actually good security  practice to change your picture regularly. The good thing about PixelPin is that selecting a new personal picture is a lot more enjoyable than having to change a password.
Are fingerprints a better solution than pictures or passwords?
No – fingerprints are a biometric solution where you use your own body to authenticate yourself. Clearly biometrics tend to be very secure, but it is not possible to ‘reset’ your fingerprints so you need to be confident that if you offer them to an organisation they will look after them securely. PixelPin believes that biometrics are not appropriate for normal day to day authentication needs.